Uniqlo, a unique visual narrative for unique clothing

Uniqlo is known worldwide and opened its first Belgian store on Antwerp’s Meir in October 2015. A year later, their second store, in the Wijnegem Shopping Center, followed.

Uniqlo is a Japanese clothing store for men, women and children, and stands for ‘Unique Clothing’.

People always say that “Simplicity adorns”, and simplicity is also a Japanese value that Uniqlo stands for. “The simplest designs often contain very thoughtful and modern details. According to its website, Uniqlo strives to offer the best fit and the most beautiful fabrics, which are accessible and affordable for everyone”. The timeless basic elements are easy to combine, and form the building blocks to create your own style. In order to inspire and inform Uniqlo customers in the store on the Meir, Uniqlo chose to work together with ThisPlays2, a Belgian partner. Two screens have been installed on a wide pillar in the middle of the store to show promotions, new collections, product features and much more. ThisPlays2 has extended the simple style of Uniqlo to the content, and this creates a beautiful whole.