Boma is a solution-oriented company with employees who make cleaning work as circular, efficient and fun as possible in a positive, committed and hands-on manner. The company has the ambition to grow into the knowledge leader in the facility chain, and want to use this knowledge to continue to stand out in an ever-changing facility landscape. They are strongly committed to the development of employees, and to sharing knowledge with customers and suppliers. In addition to technical cleaning, they also enrich our knowledge in the fields of logistics efficiency, sustainable business and digital intelligence.

Because the ambition of the management was to optimise communication with all its employees, screen communication was chosen, which is also known as ‘narrowcasting’. In this way, all the teams in all the countries are informed about the mission, the values, product information, events, prices, tips, etc., and the screens are also the ideal way to reach non-mailers. Watch the video, and discover how screen communication also brings ‘Bomitos’ closer together.