Your own TV channel in the store, to inform, inspire and motivate your customers

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The objectives of Narrowcasting

Nowadays, screen communication is the way to inspire, inform or stimulate customers and visitors. This is sometimes referred to as narrowcasting or digital signage. Narrowcasting because it provides one message at one specific location at one time. Digital Signage in reference to the digital and efficient display and programming of information.

Using the screen, customers can ask questions about products that they would not otherwise ask, which leads to more interaction between customers and the sales staff.

Moving images consciously stimulate the customer’s brain, and create a suction effect. Screen communication therefore steers the sales process. Inspiring images ensure more sales.

Info screens relieve the waiting time for customers and their partners, so that they stay longer in the store. In addition, screen communication tells the story of your store, supports its look and feel and ensures a positive and motivating atmosphere for customers and employees.

How we work

ThisPlays2 makes use of the COSOS methodology: COntent, SOftware and Screens.

We always start two processes for narrowcasting at ThisPlays2: the creative and the technical.

With regard to the creative process, a content plan and the start-up package of video animations is drawn up, working together with the content department.

For the technical process, we visit you on-site together with our technicians. We discuss where the narrowcasting screens should be installed, and how the cabling and Internet connection should run. Our installation department meticulously installs all these components to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

ThisPlays2 can be reached every day for support in the field of creation and programming of the images.

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Result of narrowcasting

Screen communication or narrowcasting inspires, informs and motivates customers, visitors and employees. This leads to more intense shopping moments, more loyal customers and more efficient operational systems, and ultimately results in a higher turnover.

Customer cases

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