New challenges for digital signage in retail

According to Florian Rotberg, chairman of the Digital Signage Summit Europa 2017, digital signage companies are confronted with a new set of challenges in the retail environment. “It is no longer only digital signage at the point of sale”, he said. “Nowadays, in order to attract the attention of the consumers, screens are combined with loudspeakers, telephones, sensors and augmented reality technology. It’s a turning point – we are quickly moving from a purely visual to a holistic experience. And this leads to a new set of challenges.”

Rotberg continues: “The question for digital signage companies is how they can support sales. Screen communication or narrowcasting will continue to play its role in retail, but how can it be linked to other available media? We will have to explore the possibilities that are being created due to the changing reality.” It should also be considered how the QR codes, a “frustrating” technology, can be replaced in retail, and can ensure a seamless, simple shopping experience. This is the last step that still needs to be taken”, said Rotberg.

Studies show that the Internet of Things (IoT) will enable us to turn real smart city concepts into everyday reality. “It’s an affordable contact mechanism”, says Rotberg, “Thousands of sensors will enable smart cities to make smart use of data. This can then be used to benefit the three most important stakeholders in a city: the citizens, the government/administration and the business world. In turn, this makes it possible to make cities get used to objectives. Dubai wants to be the “happiest” city in the world, for example!”

With regard to LED Outdoor communication – Digital Out of Home (DOOH): “A number of technological advances (and court decisions) have led to a situation in which the reasons why you could not do a street installation have now been overcome. This is good news for retailers situated on major roads and at public locations.

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