Rupel Optiek has been around for 50 years, always located in the centre of Boom on the Grote Markt. Since 1990, Rupel Optics has been operated by Carine Goormachtigh, a qualified optician-optometrist with almost 30 years of experience in the field. A retailer with expert knowledge, focused on customer service and recognised by all health insurance funds. With the same mission and vision, Carine would like to continue the business under the name ‘Optiek Goormachtigh’ from spring 2017. Not only the name was changed in 2017, the team was also expanded and the use of social media was optimised. At the end of 2017, Optiek Goormachtigh also moved to a larger and more modern location at Antwerpsestraat 2 Boom.

And screens were installed at this location. ThisPlays2 was asked to set up a programming of the brands, photos and social media channels of Optiek Goormachtigh. ThisPlays2 works according to the COSOS methodology for each project, which stands for content, software and screens. Together we looked at which content had to be displayed, which was designed in-house at ThisPlays2 and programmed on the user-friendly Zebrix software.