“WE WORK, WE PLAY, WE DELIVER, WE ARE QUALITY BY DESIGN” is the slogan of QbD in Wilrijk. QbD offers global expertise and solutions in the field of Quality Management, Validation, Project Management & Support and Regulatory Affairs for companies active in pharma, biotechnology, healthcare, cosmetics and medical devices. In order to inform employees efficiently, ThisPlays2 was asked to develop a concept for internal communication with displays.

ThisPlays2 works according to the COSOS methodology for each project, which stands for Content, software and screens. Also here at QbD. Together we looked at which content had to be displayed on the screens for internal communication. These templates and animation videos were designed in-house at ThisPlays2 and its “TheMotion3” department and programmed for the customer using the user-friendly Zebrix software. Of course, ThisPlays2 also took care of the complete technical installation of the screens on floors, walls and ceilings, from hell compact to the larger screens.