A new era is dawning in the funeral sector, led by Sereni.

Sereni brings together experienced funeral directors in a network where close collaboration and knowledge sharing are at the heart of everything, allowing them to provide optimal support to their clients. By centralizing certain tasks, Sereni’s funeral planners have more time to focus on the essentials: fulfilling their clients’ wishes with all their expertise. Each funeral is unique, and customization is their promise. Sereni funeral directors are dedicated professionals offering the most personalized guidance.

Screen communication in Sereni’s window.

Where once paper death notices were displayed, now the digital version is used to honor the deceased.

thisPlays2 installed a professional Samsung screen in Sereni’s shop window. The content is supported and managed through the Zebrix platform. An additional application has been developed to keep the display of death notices up to date.

Not only death notices, but also a logo animation, opening hours, and other useful information are displayed on the screen.