The kids feel at home as well

  • The kids' corner

    Your customer finally has some time to shop, some time to pamper themselves. And the kids come along as well. But they have to sit still, of course, so that your customers can quietly make their choices and obtain advice.
    Smart retailers therefore install the interactive kids’ corner. The kids love it, and time seems to stand still.
    ThisPlays2 installs a compact, large or very large touch screen in the kids’ corner. No less than 5 games are programmed for this, completely matching the look & feel of the store: a drawing board, shuffleboard boxes, memory cards, photos to be combined and puzzles. Children are attracted by the screen, and this ensures that they will not disturb mum and dad while shopping. Young parents will tend to stay longer in the store where their kids also feel at home.
    ThisPlays2 takes care of everything: the layout in your house style, programming and updates, installation and help desk.
    Contact us, and come and see a demonstration version.

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