La Bottega in Hasselt is a concept store of 2000m², with shoes, clothing, accessories and good food for men, women and children. The store is located in the historic buildings of Stokerij Smeets. And La Bottega has so much to tell: the various departments, the cool brasserie, the personal shopping services, the styling and make-up department, the Clinic men’s collection on the 1st floor, the webshop and so much more.

Together with the managers of La Bottega, ThisPlays2 went looking for an ideal location in the store to place a video wall in a harmonious way. In this way, all the stories and services are expressed via moving images. The first animations and templates were created together, after which the marketing department can now continue to communicate autonomously via the user-friendly software platform.

There is a 2 × 2 video wall on the ground floor, with Samsung Professional video wall screens, and there is a 65-inch screen on the first floor to display images of the ladies’ department and all its brands. As a result, La Bottega now has an additional channel for communicating with its customers.

La Bottega is undoubtedly worth a visit when you are in Hasselt!

We spoke to Marc Jamar from La Bottega.

What does La Bottega stand for?
“La Bottega stands for the three Cs: choice, convincing quality and customer-friendliness. These three points of attention are stated in our mission, and our HR policy, among other things, is aligned with this. The other two speak for themselves when you visit the store.”

Why did you opt for screen communication?
“In the first place because more and more video images are made available by our manufacturers. We also wanted to show our content that we create via social media in the store. In this way, the digitization in our store becomes more visible.”

“In our kids’ corner, for example, there is a game in which the children see their silhouette on six screens. All kinds of packages then tumble down, and they can push them away.
This can be further developed with other types of games.”

“In the long term, we also want to communicate the signage of our store via the screens in an attractive way (for example, showing a drone flight in the store on the screens).”How did the collaboration with ThisPlays2 work out?
“The collaboration was very pleasant. Both the first contacts and the subsequent follow-up were professional. Further initiatives will certainly be undertaken in the future with ThisPlays2. “