ThisPlays2 is active in 3 sectors: Retail, Corporate, Health & Medical.

  • Retail

    Being a retailer or shopkeeper is quite a challenge in this rapidly changing world. More than ever, the store represents marketing and, at the same time, is the most important sales channel. Customers are genuinely interested in your story, and want to be informed and inspired. Today, screen communication is the most efficient way to communicate with customers, and to inspire and motivate them. Man is a sensory being. In addition to harmonious visual stimuli, the right background music is an absolute must for the right atmosphere.

  • Corporate

    Nothing is more important than the first impression. Screen communication and personalised welcome signs make a customer visit into a unique experience. Video walls ensure that visitors and employees are inspired and informed in a manner that has the maximum impact.
    Samsung’s E-boards make meetings so much more efficient. All kinds of notes can be saved digitally, and be sent to those present at the meeting.

  • Health & Medical

    Waiting room communication and patient communication is crucial in today’s care provision. Screen communication in waiting rooms ensures objective and efficient information transfer, provides clear information about unknown treatments and lowers the stress level of patients before consultations.