About us

Our motivation is to contribute to the success of our customers on a daily basis by ensuring that the customers of our customers feel good.

We do this by thinking along, always being available and doing what we promise. We do this every day anew, with pride in the realisations of our customers.

ThisPlays2 is a combination of creative minds and technicians, thinkers and doers, daredevils and critics, with all the expertise needed to make a project a success.

  • Bruno Hancké | Managing director / Business Development

    An empathic and conceptual thinker who always plans ten steps ahead, and may therefore appear rather idealistic. That was the case when he went on the road in 1988 to legally rent out self-recorded music cassettes of background music to bars and supermarkets. Even today, he is still fascinated by technology and its impact on human interaction.

    Don’t let this scare you, on the contrary. Bruno thinks along with your company in a concrete manner, and ensures that customers and employees always optimally push their limits. You will be surprised at what is possible.

    In addition, he has a passion for retro & cars, and preferably both at the same time. He is also a gifted joke teller. Not everyone can succeed in this.


  • Bart Vyncke | Research & Development

    He’s the one who thinks up and creates your video wall, touch screen, narrowcasting story or any other technical applications that currently not even exist yet.

    Calm, cautious and always thinking far ahead, he will work on your concept and ensure that everything always works optimally. Although he is our technical mastermind who ensures that everything runs smoothly, this all-rounder has also been a DJ, and everyone is always surprised by his creative solutions.


  • David De grave | Accountmanager ThisPlays2

    David is our sales support manager. He ensures that our customers lack nothing and receive an answer to all their questions.


  • Edward Van Hove | Project Planning

    With his military background in air traffic control, Edward is the right man to manage multiple projects simultaneously. With his structured approach, he does not shy away from any subject and ensures that all the puzzle pieces fall into place.


  • Petra Couck | Office Manager

    Petra knows all projects and customers, if only because of the facts and figures.

    This friendly lady takes care of invoicing, ensures that customers are happy to pay on time and that suppliers are paid correctly.

    Furthermore, Petra is perhaps the most supple person at ThisPlays2, because her gymnastics lessons ensure that she stays in top form for all her passions: her family, her friends and her colleagues.


  • Kenny Van Roosbroek | Content creation & programmation

    Your daily management and the programming of all content is in reliable hands with Kenny.

    Calm and disciplined, he takes care of all your content questions and ensures that everything runs smoothly. With his creative and technical background, he also knows everything about photography. He also knows everything about football, but unfortunately that’s only for after work.


  • Morgane Rummens | Motion & graphic design

    With her passion for graphic design, animations and motion graphics, she creates all the content. Her creative view ensures that your content matches your corporate identity, and looks fresh and contemporary. After-effects, illustrator and photoshop are her assets.

    Would you like an animation video to present your company, or would you prefer a new logo? Then you’ve come to the right address!


  • Antoine Hancké | Operations Manager

    Antoine is our Operations Manager and Developer. He is passionate about all languages, as long as they are programming languages. He leads our technical team and ensures that all installations and applications run smoothly. In his free time, he is busy with another keyboard, a piano keyboard, his great passion.

  • Frank Van Steenbergen | Installer Audio & Video

    Frank is also an important link in our installation team. He is the handyman for installations that require some work with wood and steel. He can drill holes in the right place like no other. But he is also right there when it comes to connections and technology.


  • Kristof Gabriëls | Configuration and support

    Kristof is passionate about everything to do with electronics. He therefore supports the technical ThisPlays2 team.

    With an eye for detail, he ensures that all the equipment remains in perfect working order. Do you have a technical problem? Kristof will be pleased to help you find a solution!


  • David Van De Vyver | Groevy music programmer

    This party deejay now also plays the hottest hits and unrivalled classics, right on your shop floor.

    He always flexibly programs the music that is right for your brand & experience, so that your customers feel great in your store. He anticipates new music styles and trends in this way, so that you and your brand are always up to date.


  • Sebastiaan Denys | Accountmanager Groevy

    With his 1m98, Sebastiaan is a “big” asset to Groevy and our Thisplays2 office. Always enthusiastic and always willing to help. He puts this enthusiasm in daily contact with his clients.
    Since he was 16 years old, Sebastiaan Deejay has had the honour to convey his love for music to the wider public at several festivals and in discotheques.
    In addition to music, he puts his free time in his family and sometimes dares to go windsurfing in the Netherlands.
    With an enormous passion for music and a strong sense of empathy, he drives all over the country to introduce Groevy and provide everyone with personalized music.