Class visit!

ThisPlays2 had some VIP visitors today – a first grade class of the Sint-Ludgardis school in Schoten. 18 pupils came to take a look behind the scenes and at the screens of ThisPlays2. The children were thereby able to see how things run in a company.

We welcomed them with a home-made video. Our CEO Bruno Hancké explained that a company is a combination of different people who do different things that they can do well and that they enjoy doing. They saw exactly what ThisPlays2 does for its customers.

They were then given a guided tour through the company, with explanations. They became acquainted with the content, technology and communication departments, and the employees. The boys were particularly impressed by the technology department and the warehouse, while the girls were more attracted by the content creation.

To round everything off, the children made drawings of how they saw the company, and these were proudly hung up by our information desk.

Both the children and we at ThisPlays2 thought this initiative was both fun and successful.