Dokter Snauwaert TV is an audio-visual program that the doctor transmits directly to his patients in the waiting room.

1. Benefits for the waiting patients and visitors.

In an authentic, correct and discreet manner, patients and visitors are informed about treatments that they are not familiar with, but which are very useful.

This targeted audio-visual communication makes the waiting time more pleasant, and increases privacy for the patients at the desk.

It’s also found that folders and brochures are taken and read more often after seeing the treatments on the screen.

2. Benefits for the doctors and the employees.

Doctors are relieved of the frequently asked general questions. The screen encourages quality questions, which makes consultation more efficient and shortens consultation time.

In addition, patients are calmer and more cheerful, and are not so disappointed or irritated if the appointment is delayed.

In practise, we can see that visual communication in waiting rooms creates a waiting room experience that promotes trust and customer loyalty, with more intention to return.

The demand for more expensive treatments is also increasing, whereby the business figures are optimised.

Once the treatments shown have been seen on the TV, patients are willing to pay a higher price for the treatments. Waiting room TV acts as a calling card, is an innovative and legal tool through which the practice can differentiate itself.