GEA-TV inspires innovation-minded producers. GEA is one of the largest suppliers of technology for the food processing industry, and for a wide range of other processing industries. As an international technology group, the company focuses on world-class process technology and components to ensure sophisticated production processes. They are active in the chemical sector, the pharmaceutical sector, dairy farms and in the production of beverages, food and dairy products.
Personnel training courses are organised at the GEA site in Wommelgem, and customers visit regularly. In order to optimise the reception of customers and employees, GEA chose to work together with ThisPlays2
A part of the site was equipped with new training rooms. Screens ensure that visitors are kept up-to-date via GEA TV, can watch interactive presentations and can view live camera images from the nearby labs in Wommelgem or from other GEA locations around the world.
When entering the training rooms, the large video wall that informs and inspires customers and employees is particularly impressive.