Home of Retail: Smarter shopping together!

Home of Retail is a knowledge and experience centre that was launched on the Ankerrui in Antwerp on Wednesday, 8 March 2017. Retailers can discover all the new digital applications here, such as robots, virtual reality, body scanners and much more in a real shopping environment of more than 1,200 m2. All of this will change the future of shopping.

Unique concept

“There is no comparable initiative anywhere else in the world”, says RetailDetail co-founder, Jorg Snoeck. “Home of Retail is more than a shop of the future. “Here, we bring together retailers, partners, scale-ups, universities, experts, associations, cities and municipalities to work on the future in co-creation and to strengthen their competitive position. Home of Retail will become a home for all those involved in the retail sector.”

Customer Journey

Home of Retail simulates the “customer journey” of a consumer, starting in an apartment. The Samsung refrigerator has an interactive display that tells you when the milk is finished or beyond its best-by date, and can do much more. You then end up in a shopping street, where your buying behaviour is analysed, for example, by mood or body scans that determine your clothing style and which store suits you best. In the store, ThisPlays2 supports the shopping experience and the sensory experience with screen communication (also known as narrowcasting) and background music, and with images that inspire, inform and stimulate. Robots speak to you, and give you tailor-made, relevant information. Artificial intelligence shows possibilities that are still unprecedented, and analysis tools ensure that everything is measured and evaluated.

Working together towards retail optimisation

Dozens of partners show their expertise and bring a coherent story about how retail can deliver optimum results, today and tomorrow.
ThisPlays2 will invite customers and partners to the experience centre in the future, to discuss in detail all the smart possibilities of screen communication and personalised background music.

website: www.homeofretail.com