Van den Bossche Tegels

Van den Bossche Tegels specializes in tiles and natural stone. They offer a wide range of tiles for floors and walls, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Van den Bossche Tegels is known for its quality products and professional service.

They have a showroom where customers can view various tile options and receive expert advice on which tiles best suit their needs and taste. Their range includes various styles, from classic to modern, and they serve both private and professional customers.

ThisPlays2 installed three professional Samsung horizontal 65-inch screens in the new showroom. Each of these screens displays custom content powered by the Zebrix platform. ThisPlays2 created custom templates within the branding of Van den Bossche Tegels.

Checkout Screen:

Here, the customer is welcomed and informed. Fun facts about cleaning products, storytelling about the company and materials, a custom logo animation, etc., are displayed.


This screen welcomes and informs the customer. A cozy seating area has been created where the customer can relax, enjoy a drink, access free Wi-Fi, and calmly brainstorm about the various possibilities that Van den Bossche Tegels offers.


In the kids’ corner of Van Den Bossche Tegels, there is also a large screen where children can watch Disney movies in a cozy seating area.

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