AS Adventure moved out of the Veldstraat and is now located in much more spacious building in the Zonnestraat. Until recently, the building housed the shops Sports Direct, Ulla Popken and Squatra travel.

The façade was hidden behind ugly advertising panels, the inside was divided into sections both in height and width.

Until owner Vastnet Retail Belgium commissioned Karuur Architecten from Antwerp to perform a thorough renovation of the building. Two million euros were spent on it and the work was conducted in close cooperation with Monumentenzorg (Historical Preservation).

As a result, the splendour of 1922, when the building by architect Maurice Fetu was just completed, is once again fully visible. The mezzanine floors have disappeared, so the art deco stained-glass domes are visible again. It is an impressive sight when you walk inside.

It is an impressive sight when you walk inside.”

The floors were given beautiful balustrades. The façade was also completely embellished. A year was spent on the more than successful transformation, which is already being called an example for Ghent.

Brainstorm Screen communication

ThisPlays2 was asked to help think about the implementation of screens, with respect for the building.

At the checkout counter the video wall with 3 large 65-inchscreens vertically next to each other is mounted.

At the back and bottom of the stairs, 8 screens were mounted in 4 compact video walls. The video wall displays images of people practising their sport, such as cycling, skiing, and hiking.

This way, the beautiful room is complemented in a harmonious way with moving inspirational visuals.

As Adventure is using the Seenspire software

Seenspire is an online application that makes it possible to display social content very quickly and efficiently in a highly dynamic and attractive way on screens.

Seenspire is a plugin that can be perfectly integrated into the Zebrix management platform of ThisPlays2.

AS Adventure has been playing the social media card for years. Messages are posted daily by their own team, but also by their customers. These images can also be displayed on the screens in the shops, but only after approval. This can be done via desktop or via a quite simple swipe-app.

The AS Adventure screens now show even more of the world of their customers, not only through inspirational images and photos, but also through social media.

How ThisPlays2 works?

ThisPlays2 uses the COSOS methodology: COntent, SOftware and Screen. At ThisPlays2 we always start up 2 procedures for narrowcasting: the creative and the technical.

For the creative process we work together with the content department to develop a content plan for the specific target group of your shop and the start-up package with video animations. This digital content is the perfect message for your target group.

For the technical process we come on site together with our technicians. We discuss where the narrowcasting hardware will be installed and how the cabling and internet connection will be placed.

We meticulously install all these components to your entire satisfaction. From that moment on ThisPlays2 is available each day for all support on the narrowcasting system in terms of creation and programming of images in the narrowcasting software.

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