Belchicken is a Belgian-Turkish chain that already has several branches not only in cities such as Brussels and Antwerp, but also in the Netherlands and Germany. The chain’s first restaurant opened its doors in Ghent as early as 2014. Currently Belchicken already has 14 restaurants and another 22 are planned to open soon. As the name suggests, chicken dishes are Belchicken’s speciality. The chain builds its own deep-frying boilers in which the chicken is fried. In this way, the poultry obtains its specific taste. In addition to chicken dishes, healthy salads and wraps are also available.

In collaboration with Samsung, ThisPlays2 supplies the screens for the digital menu boards and display screens. The digital menu boards make it possible to adapt the images very quickly with local and temporary promotions. The window displays give even more visibility to the story and Belchicken’s offer from the street.