The story of Belchicken

Belchicken is a Belgian-Turkish chain that not only has several branches in cities like Brussels and Antwerp, but also in the Netherlands, France and Germany. The chain’s first restaurant opened in Ghent in 2014. Currently, Belchicken already has 14 restaurants and 22 more are expected to open soon.


As the name suggests, chicken dishes are Belchicken’s specialty. The chain itself manufactures the frying pans in which the chicken is fried. This is how poultry gets its specific taste. In addition to chicken dishes, healthy salads and wraps are also available.

Digital Menu Boards

In collaboration with Samsung, ThisPlays2 provides the screens for digital menu boards and storefront screens. The software behind the digital menu boards allows you to quickly adjust images with local and temporary promotions. The screens clearly display the prices and range behind the cash register.

Belchicken ensures that the consumer can choose and order them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Gourmet screens

Belchicken screens provide even more visibility from the street. The range is displayed to make passers-by see the delicious dishes and feel like a tasty snack. But this is not the only function of showcase screens. They are also used to tell stories. The window screens also tell the story of Belchicken: the origins and what they represent. In this way, Belchicken informs and inspires its consumers.

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