Digital wayfinding: useful in your organization?

“Is there parking here? Where is the reception? And how do I find the toilet?’ These are questions that many visitors to your company ask themselves when they first visit you. Thanks to digital wayfinding, you no longer have to answer that question yourself. Discover how and why digital signposts can be useful in your organization!

What is wayfinding?

Wayfinding helps your visitors navigate from one place to another in your organization without much effort. This can be done digitally in various ways: from dynamic content on screens to interactive kiosks. If you opt for digital wayfinding in your company, you will enjoy a lot of flexibility. After all, digital signposts are dynamic screens. This allows you to easily and quickly adjust the message. Various sectors are therefore happy to use it. You can find digital wayfinding in shopping centers, museums, offices, hospitals, airports, … and even in the open air.

The benefits of interactive wayfinding

Today, customers are increasingly accustomed to getting started with interactive applications. Interactive wayfinding allows you to find your way easily and efficiently and to always find the ideal route to your destination. Especially in large buildings, such as in companies, schools and hospitals, interactive wayfinding via kiosks can be very useful. It is best to place the kiosks in the entrance hall and at other entrances, on all floors.

Already important in the design phase of your building

Wayfinding is often the last thing people think about when opening a new business or building. Still, it’s best to put wayfinding on the table early enough. You can then immediately provide the right cabling for your digital signposts and sufficient space for your kiosks. You can even incorporate the screens or kiosks into the architectural design of your building by, for example, using custom-made housings.

Think long term

It is not only important to start developing your wayfinding early, but also to look at the long term. Don’t assume that one static board will suffice, but also think about the future. What could possibly change in the interior or corporate identity of your company? In which situations is it useful or even necessary that you can adjust your wayfinding? And what other communication do you want to be able to show via your signposts?

The financial side also counts here. Although the initial investment in digital wayfinding may be slightly higher than that for the static variant, you can save money in the long term if you invest in high-quality screens. After all, they last longer and are easy to adjust, unlike static signposts. Also think about all the valuable time you and your employees will save by no longer being bombarded with all kinds of practical questions.

Need help? We brainstorm with you!

Would you like to do digital wayfinding within your organization, but have no idea how to get started? ThisPlays2 likes to think along with you! Together we will look for a dynamic concept that perfectly suits you and your company, completely tailor-made.

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