Digital signage in the Exki branches

At Exki, shop window screens are mainly installed that make your mouth water from the street. These Samsung Professional screens come in different sizes and setups. Double-sided screens were also installed at Exki, on which you can view the content both inside the store and from the outside.

All these screens have a matte panel, so as not to see reflections, and 4000 candela to overcome daylight. The content is controlled with the Zebrix platform. Menu boards with custom skins were also placed in the branches.

Exki makes you happy with healthy food

At Exki you are welcomed in the heart of a sustainable kitchen. Where vegetables are king and a healthy mind in a healthy body is highly valued. Exki is a contemporary innovative concept, where the chefs continue to surprise you with vegan, vegetarian, lactose and gluten-free dishes.

Whether you want to take your meals with you, eat on site or have them delivered at home, you will be surprised by the delicious flavors!

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