As part of the BNP Paribas Group and as a division of BNP Paribas Fortis NV, the market leader in Belgium, Fintro has a distribution network of more than 300 independent banking agents in Belgium.

The client portfolio consists largely of private individuals, self-employed persons and small businesses, with the intention of creating a long-term relationship with these clients through the local agents. The network of independent banking agents aims to provide oxygen to both people and their projects. The local Fintro network forges strong ties with the local community through locally-based personalised service and advice. That is where their strength lies: Fintro customers enjoy stable and trusted contacts with their Fintro agent. One of those agents is Pattyn – Sax in Oostakker. As part of the complete renovation of their offices in the centre, ThisPlays2 was asked to extensively consider how digitisation could contribute to a better customer experience. There is a Samsung window display screen in the shop window with a light output of 4,000 candelas, which can overcome the brightest sunlight in order to display the current offers from the bank and insurance agent. In the public zone, customers can call up information about the bank and the insurance activities on interactive screens, but also about the current real estate offers. Inside, Fintro TV eases the waiting time with ample information about Fintro, its customers and their environment, which is repeated on large screens in the consultation rooms. And there is, of course, the Samsung Flip, the digital flip chart on wheels that combines the ease of use of an interactive screen with the traditional operation of a flip chart throughout the office.