LISTINGS is a full-service real estate agency representing its clients with a wide range of services, including the sale and rental of residential and commercial property, new build and retail. For their new office on the Waalse Kaai in Antwerp, they were looking for a partner for the window displays. ThisPlays2 works according to the COSOS methodology for each project, which stands for Content, software and screens. Also here at Listings. Together we looked at which content had to be displayed on the window displays, which was designed in-house at ThisPlays2 and programmed on the user-friendly Zebrix software. Naturally, ThisPlays2 also took care of the complete technical installation of the screens on floor-to-ceiling supports, all the way up to the 4-metre high ceiling. If you are now driving or walking along the Waalse quay, you cannot see next to the new office of Immo Listings.