P&V stands for Prévoyance & Voorzorg. The Belgian character of this insurance company is therefore embodied in its name. Unlike most other insurers, P&V Verzekeringen, as a cooperative company, is a social economy enterprise. Since it was founded in 1907, they have attached great importance to values such as solidarity, cooperation and proximity. Through its insurance companies, the P&V Group offers an extensive range of insurance solutions to private individuals, the self-employed, companies and institutions. They use different brands as well as different distribution channels. P&V Verzekeringen’s products and services are distributed through a network of exclusive agents who are clients’ privileged interlocutors.

For these agents, spread across the whole of Belgium, we looked at how the shop windows could contribute to greater visibility in the streetscape. Not only were the light signs replaced, but also a new eye-catching sticker combined with screens resulted in a sparkling rejuvenation of the offices. ThisPlays2 was intensively involved by P&V’s project manager in all facets, from the development of the content in function of the chosen concept, the on-site measurements and the installation of specific Samsung screens with a high light output of no less than 4,000 candelas. All agents have their own login to the user-friendly software and can easily add their own messages to the head office’s programming within specific templates. In this way, each office can display the specific local identity, in combination with the P&V Insurance brand.