Tein Technology

Who is Tein Technology?

In a digital world you have access to an abundance of information. Operations are continuously monitored through audio, video and automated processes. Tein Technology synthesizes such information, allowing you to increase the efficiency and user-centricity of your technology. It is their mission to combine existing solutions with groundbreaking technology. Tein Technology combines experience with extensive technological expertise.

The Experiënce Room

Experience how groundbreaking the solutions are in the Tein Technology Experience Room. Packed with advanced technology, designed to put you in control of every mission-critical operation. Enter a world of industry-leading equipment, intelligent technology architecture, and seamless software integration. Experience first-hand how these solutions impact your business.

The Tein Technology Experience Wall

At Tein Technology, ThisPlays2 installed screen communication on the wall, consisting of 5 Samsung Professional “stretch” (16:4.5) 37 inch screens with Zebrix software. The content is made in such a way that it moves in the direction of the aisle as the entrance.

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