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From animated videos to photo and video reports

Motion design & Motion Graphics. That is TheMotion3.

Here we make animation videos, motion graphics, testimonials, animations for screens, motion reels, illustrative videos, moving images, videos for websites and much more. We take care of the script, the visuals, the storyboard, background music and even the voice over if needed.

“It doesn’t matter if you have a shop, a restaurant, a practice or a company. We make the right motion graphics for everyone.”

– TheMotion3

How do we work with motion design?

Are you interested in motion design? Then we would be happy to come by for a conversation about how this will go and discuss what you had in mind. This starts with the briefing. You tell us what kind of animation video you want, what subject it should be about and what you would like to tell and make clear through a video for your target audience.

The motion designer takes notes and from those notes we write the script. The script will be the text that will later be visually rendered in a storyboard and animation. We ensure that the script is no longer than half an A4. If you have too much text, the animation video will become much too long and it will become too tedious. A motion design animation video can be a maximum of 2 minutes.

Motion design visuals

When the script is completely written and approved by you, the graphic designer can start with the visuals / graphic design. This means that we develop a style that fits your corporate identity and company.

We work with the colors and style that suit your website. Totally you!

Have the visuals been approved? Top! Then it’s time to turn the script into a storyboard. This is a collection of drawn out shots of scenes from the animation script as we envision. They are meant to help you get an idea of ​​what the final animation will look like. We occasionally send pieces for feedback and approval.


Motion design explaining video

It may well be that you want an explaining video, or an informative video. This is a video that explains how you work, for example, or about your company’s mission. The script is then formatted so that it can be spoken by either a female voice or a male voice. We also provide the votes here. Please note: this does have an additional cost.


When all the previous points are done and approved by you, we can finally start with the animation itself. With motion design we develop the animation based on the storyboard. The storyboard comes to life here. Even now, the graphic designer occasionally sends a status to show that we are working on the animation and that your unique video is almost yours.

Delivery motion design video


When the animation video is ready, we will send you the final version. You can now use the animation for all purposes you can imagine: On your website, on your social media such as facebook, instagram and linked in. You can use the video on screens that you may have in your business or even just for personal use. These steps fully summarize what motion design entails.

Clips with “stopping power”

When available, we create engaging animated clips from photos and videos that appeal to customers. No PowerPoint animations, but clear dynamic messages with ‘stopping power’. We also make motion graphics or animation videos based on illustrations that we make ourselves. Even if you don’t have any photos or video, but only text, we will work with word animations, icons and animation. An animation video stimulates both halves of the brain and ensures that information is stored so much faster. And of course you can always program this video online on your website or social channels, possibly with audio and subtitles. This provides extra impact.

If you need a photographer quickly to visualize your projects, ThisPlays2 is also the ideal partner for that. We have qualified photographers who can quickly and efficiently shoot the right images to incorporate into the animations. Expertise is also available at ThisPlays2 for mini video reports.

You can view all our animations on the website:

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